Swingers - Matt Sargent

Meet Brad; sex addict and self-labelled sexual God! Bored with life, bored with marital humdrum, he
sets up a Swingers club with hilarious, ridiculous and catastrophic consequences. Some join the club
unwillingly, some unknowingly and some with a definite goal in mind.
The range of characters within this orgasmic comedy is broad, from the cutting Angela, the
chauvinistic Lionel, the simple but loveable Darren and Sharon and who could forget Norman and his
ever-suffering wife desperate for a bit of the other.
Swingers (previously) Orgasm enjoyed a sell-out, extended run at the Caxton Theatre 9 years ago,
and now is embarking on a tour. We are delighted the tour begins back where it all began.
The work of Matt Sargent returns after a break and those of you who has seen his plays before will
agree that you are in for a treat. This particular play was met with such gusto last time a sequel was
written and was just as successful. 7 of the original 8 cast return and Matt again takes the reins and
directs the comedy chaos.
Not for the faint hearted but certainly not crude – Orgasm is sure to be a hit once again.