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Readings and Auditions

The next auditions for the main stage are for The Tempest, directed by Jack Scott

The auditions will be held: - 28th May 2024

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Studio Bar Productions
You don’t mess with Tommy Taylor. Everyone knows him – or do they?  Three particularly harrowing days while fighting in the trenches of the Somme have turned him into one of Grimsby’s toughest pub landlords. But, with Britain once again on the brink of war and the Mariners playing a vital FA Cup semi-
final against Wolves, it promises to be another challenging and poignant weekend for Tommy. 
For their latest play, journalists John and Victoria Taylor have trawled family
and local history archives to shine a light on the difficult inter-war years in aGrimsby surviving the Great Depression with humour, beer, fish... and football.
Tommy’s Long Weekend is a funny, affectionate and nostalgic story, based on
the life of a legendary local publican.
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