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Last night we had our Caxton equivalent of a COBRA meeting to discuss the imminent future of our theatre. As with most other theatres across the country we have effectively 'Gone Dark' until further notice. We will be in touch, in time, with those patrons who have tickets/season tickets for the upcoming productions but would like you to consider the following statement before requesting a refund.

This is a plea for all those who have bought a ticket for an amateur theatre show which has been cancelled: please consider not asking for a refund or donating your ticket money back to the society. There are so many theatre groups whose shows have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and many will not survive if they are forced to refund the tickets to their show. Incredible volunteers give their time, efforts and passion to continue this tradition, giving people the chance to be involved in and experience the magic of theatre and the societies often struggle to stay financially sound at the best of times. If you love theatre; if you want your children or grandchildren to be able to have the experiences you have without paying £80+ for a professional show; if you have ever laughed, cried, sniggered or sobbed through an amateur show, then just say no to a refund. That £8-10 could also safeguard the future of some of your communities longest running and most important groups.

We wish you well during this time.

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