"My Friend Death" and "Odin and Son"

Jack Scott and John Ferguson

Nick is a typical layabout, all he does is play video games and slobs around his flat with his girlfriend April. That is until Nick unexpectedly dies. The Grim Reaper himself comes to collect Nick and the two slowly start to become friends. When Nick finds himself in diabolical circumstances, it’s up to his friend Death (and April) to save him. Written and directed by Jack Scott.
Waiting for the end of the world can be a major bore, even to a God. Prepare for a comedy of Norse like proportions as we see a day in the mundane existence of Odin and Thor. Waiting for Ragnarok that never came. See how they try survive in a world where they are no longer relevant. By talking destiny, past heroics and drinking heavily. Skol! Written and directed by John Ferguson.

Please be aware explicit language is used during this production.

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