70 Shades Damper

MJS Productions. 70 Shades Damper Tom Goode wants to be a comedian, his wife wants a baby, his agent wants more money - under everybody’s thumb, can Tom Goode survive the pressures of love and life, fame and fertility clinics, cash and the karma sutra? The cast of three bring to life a whole host of characters who make this hilarious story come to life with pace and energy. The cast of ‘69 Shades of Beige’ and ‘Teechers’ return offering their own unique style for a night of comedy and multi-role playing chaos. Their energy and slickness have been much admired in previous productions bringing the audience to their feet on many occasions. Matt Sargent who wrote and directed previous outings including ‘Swingers’ which sold out here earlier in the year is going all out with a mix of comedy, madness, pathos , crazy characters and cracking one-liners. Be sure not to miss this as it comes to the Caxton Theatre for one night only on October 23rd. Tickets are available online and a great night out is promised.