Decision Height

20th july to 27th july 2019

It’s November 1943 at Avenger Fields Campus. We see the arrival of the incoming class of 44-W-4 at the Women Airforce Service Pilots training base. We follow the women over a period of 6 months as they train endeavouring to achieve their ‘wings’. They all come together from different areas, backgrounds and of all ages. Their lives will be turned upside down as they experience life in a very different way. The development of each individual character is of the upper most importance. They have to show their experiences of fear, loneliness, hate, stress, anxiety but then again they need to express excitement, courage, warmth, love and tenderness. Their journey is unique, showing how their feelings for one another change with time. How along the way there is also joy during such a turbulent, horrendous period of time and also heartaches, taking them from strangers to family over an unforgettable 6 months in their lives. The play will be staged in a very minimalist yet dramatic way involving lighting, projection and fabulous war time music.

Directed by newcomer to the Caxton Main Stage, Debbie Shepherd. The cast are yet to be decided, you can see the audition details here.

Tickets are available here.